Bulova CURV Chronograph Watch Review

Introduction .“What, that one?” I asked leaning down to get a closer look. “Yes,” Ibrahim replied. “The Hublot?” “Yes” I straightened up to take in the store. We were standing in the high-end watch outlet tucked away behind the security gates, passports controls and baguette shops of Heathrow. This outlet often grabbed my attention when I passed through UK airports [...]

8 Years’ today!

8 Years' ago today, Cesca and I took off on a 1 year backpacking adventure around the World. I'll never forget those memories and the lessons I learned. We met some incredible people on the way, from curious Australians telling tall tales about meeting the pope dressed as Charlie Chaplin [...]

Big in Japan

This was the very first film I ever made when I first purchased my camcorder. In 2008, I visited my father and assisted as his roady when he went out for a gig; as I had done so a multitude of times over my childhood. It brought back many memories as [...]