When I was a child, I had no one to play Dungeons & Dragons with. Now, I am 45 and play with my own children.

Yes – I built my own players!

Our players: the piplins!

Rime of the Frostmaiden

In Icewind Dale, adventure is a dish best served cold.

Beneath the unyielding night sky, you stand before a towering glacier and recite an ancient rhyme, causing a crack to form in the great wall of ice. Beyond this yawning fissure, the Caves of Hunger await. And past this icy dungeon is a secret so old and terrifying that few dare speak of it. The mad wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood long to possess that which the god of winter’s wrath has so coldly preserved—as do you! What fantastic secrets and treasures are entombed in the sunless heart of the glacier, and what will their discovery mean for the denizens of Icewind Dale? Can you save Ten-Towns from the Frostmaiden’s everlasting night?

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a tale of dark terror that revisits the forlorn, flickering candlelights of civilization known as Ten-Towns and sheds light on the many bone-chilling locations that surround these frontier settlements.

An Adventure with Pirates!

This session uses my own rules for naval combat.

A set of homebrew rules for ship-to-ship combat in Dungeon and Dragons 5e.

Imagine: The clash of steel upon a salt-sprayed deck, cannons booming amidst crashing waves. Hearts race with the thrill of strategy and perilous maneuvering. Sailors dance with the winds, their cries swallowed by thunderous explosions. In this watery arena, the excitement of a sea battle surges, echoing through the annals of adventure.

Many of the navy rule sets for Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition are either too detailed or boring. These rules change that by ensuring everyone has something to do, as their actions contribute directly to the whole crew’s success.

These rules are a combination of the best parts of multiple excellent sources, including:

  1. The Dungeon Dudes
  2. Spelljammer
  3. Various YouTubes
  4. DMs Guild freebies
  5. Googling
  6. ChatGPT

Download them by clicking the image of the cover.


Getting to Auril’s island in Rime of the Frostmaiden can be done in various ways, such as purchasing flying mounts or riding ancient whales. However, the most commonly used method is to charter a boat from Revel’s End.

Then fade to black… wait… fade up, and bingo! You’re at the island.

It’s unfortunate that this opportunity was missed. Sea-based DND is incredibly enjoyable, as evidenced by the romanticized golden age of piracy in the Bahamas. The thought of a life full of grog, treasure, and song is captivating. Additionally, the chance to have Undead Ice Pirates as enemies is too good to pass up. Lastly, this option adds depth to the adventure and allows for incorporating a secret background into the storyline.

There may be various approaches to narrate this story, but this is my version.

Features Summary

This module has the following features:

  1. If you use the Reghed Heir secret background, it reunites the player with their mother by switching her tribe to a pirate crew.
  2. It involves combat on the high seas using new rules compiled and free to use on this site.
  3. It has Undead Ice Pirates, including Davey Jones, as an enemy plot point.
  4. The final battle is against a true boss-level sea monster.

Let’s get sailing!

Quick notes:

  1. This is session 13 & 14. The players have rescued the pirate captain Stormsword from the prison at Revel’s End and fought off an invasion horde of ice zombies, and they are now settled in the cabins of a ship heading into the ice and towards the pirate town to stock up for the voyage to Auriel’s Island.
  2. My players have defeated Xardarok and his dragon, ending his invasion of IWD.
  3. My players are all level 7 and IRL, all between 10 and 12 years old. Children will always break scripted on-rail encounters. As a DM, you have to roll with this.
  4. For three of my players, this is their 4th campaign. They are incredibly confident in DND mechanics and clever players.
  5. Their classes are Warlock, Wizard, Rouge, Sorcerer, Ranger, and Druid.
  6. I use “Dynamic Dungeons” as my software. This system enables me to produce “theatre of the mind” slides coupled with battle maps. All animated nicely.
  7. We have a 32-inch screen as our table. This is an old electronic sign repurposed as a table screen.

Our Player Characters

DM’s game flow

  • Welcome back to IWD

I begin by welcoming the team back to the table and any table items. We have just started using cards drawn for Crits and Fumbles. These are well worth the purchase as they are often funny and always awesome!

  • Last session.

A quick recounting of what we did previously, checking their memories and hopefully handing out an early inspiration coin for some great role-playing.

  • Ice Wind Dale Map.

A reminder of the map and where they are and have been. This is an excellent way to connect sessions and ensure everyone gets the epic quest vibe.

This session takes place in the sea of moving ice. In our game, the Rime has frozen up the channels to the Island of Solstice, and the team needs to find a way through.

  • Shipboard cabins

The team awakes, early in the morning and find themselves in the cabins of the pirate ship, The Ravenous:

Part 1: Awaking at sea

  • The team wake up in the morning with the captain shouting:

“Stand to,”

    • and blowing her whistle.
    • DC 14 PERCEPTION check
      • If Pass: Forest looking unwell and suffering from his curse. (He was bitten by a zombie in the prior session)
  • The captain takes them up on deck and has them line up
    • DC 10 PERCEPTION check
      • The captain has now put on a chest plate and a captain’s hat She has armed herself with a sword and dagger. She looks very confident at sea as the boat moves around her.

“I am captain Sharslasta Stromsword and I am in charge on this ship.”

  • Tells them about the Ravenous

“A large and solid, jack-of-all-trades ship. Large without being unwieldy, well-armed without sacrificing speed – very reliable and particularly suited to long journeys due to the large cargo capacity and ability to defend itself when coming under attack.”

  • Everyone make a DC 14 CON save
    • Pass: hold in your breakfast and resist seas sickness.
      • Captain nods impressed
    • Fail: throw up from seas sickness.
      • Captain looks away.

“But it needs a good crew to work and you landlubbers are all we have!

  • Tell them about the journey.

“We need to sail through the ice flows and fog to the cold seas beyond. Many dangers in the open ocean, and we will need to stop at the trade port to stock up on supplies to make it to Auriel’s island. We must keep a keen eye out for pirates, who will try and take the ship from us and leave us adrift in the sea to be eaten by sharks!”

  • Asks who is in which role:

Answer “Aye aye captain!”

Every player must pick a role, and they are then given the items mentioned and take that station during battles. See the Naval Rules for details.

  • Let’s practice on this here, floating iceberg.
    • [Practice Round]
  • Over the next day, you sail the ship through the towering icebergs and treacherous floes and out into the wider drifting icebergs in the realm of the open sea.
  • DC 10 PERCEPTION check
    • Pass: You all notice the skill and assured knowledge of the captain and slowly you all form into a solid crew. The nights are spent in story and song, with grog flowing and rousing carousing.
    • Fail: The captain’s knowledge and wisdom remain a mystery to you, but following her orders, you manage to understand your duties aboard the ship. The captain spends her nights in her cabin, pouring over charts of your course.
  • On the morning of the 5th day, Captain pulls out her spyglass and runs to the top deck.

“Lookout what is that ahead?”

    • Lookout DC 10 PERCEPTION Check
      • On pass: You see some boats coming out of the fog and spy the pirate flag upon their masts!

“Its the twins Hamgrim and Angar! They would take the ship! Stand too and prepare for battle!” 

      • On fail: the fog obscures ahead until the sound of canon suddenly rings out, and the captain shouts,

“Everyone hit the deck!” 

        • DEX save for half damage.
  • Roll initiative. Sea battle against pirate ships.
  • The battle with the pirates leads to a boarding action and ship to ship combat using minis:
  • On loss (sinking). The team are marooned on the floating remains of the ship.
    • Challenge 
      • How to signal for rescue?
      • How to find food?
  • Saved after three days by Villayne Harpell on Griffons. 
    • Taken to the trade port.
    • New ship as a gift by VH to help her.
  • On loss (Being boarded). The team are saved when the bear cries out who Forest is. Healed and taken to the trade port in chains by the pirates.
    • Purchased in the slave market by VH and freed if they agreed to help her.

Part 2: The Pirate trading port

  • On win: Loot and sail to the trade port.
  • Loot:
    • Ship Upgrades: The pirate gunboat contains various valuable ship upgrades. Pick TWO
      • Reinforced hull plating (+50HP) 
      • a magically enhanced figurehead that grants the ship better manoeuvrability (+1 to Ship Score)
      • a hidden compartment for smuggling goods (+extra loot slot)
      • Naval Ram (Allow RAM action)
    • Treasure Chest: The pirates’ captain had a locked chest containing a collection of valuable gemstones, gold coins, and precious jewellery. 2000GP
    • Pirate Captain’s Hat: A stylish hat adorned with feathers and gems, which once belonged to the pirate captain. This enchanted hat grants its wearer an advantage on Charisma-based checks when dealing with sailors and pirates.
    • Captured Pirate Crew Members: The party rescues a few surviving pirates who were forced into service by the captain. These former pirates could become loyal followers, providing specialized skills such as sailing expertise, navigation, or combat prowess. (+1 to chosen ship section score)
  • Arrive at Trading Port
  • Once docked, the harbour master approaches (“10GP please”) and asks if they are here for the pirate championships?
    • Questions:
      • Three pirate bands are vying to become the Dread Pirate, the leader of all the bands. 
      • My money’s on Blackbeard’s crew.
      • His boat is the fastest.
      • Ha, the one led by Bjornhild Solvigsdottir can’t even get a crew together to face the challenge.
        • She’s in the inn yonder. 
      • The “challenge?”

Oh, nothing, just be the first to skull lighthouse and the sea shrine atop. Get there and you’ll be able to pray for a permanent ability score blessing and pick up the pirate charm of greater restoration, signifying you’re the pirate leader from now on!

There is nothing dangerous about that except the giant squid guarding the area and the other two pirate boats!

  • Captain suggests the team try the inn and she will organise the supplies and repairs.
  • Repairs costs:
    • Hull repairs = 1gp per 1 damage
    • Weapon repairs = 500gp
    • Sail repairs = 150gp
    • What extra supplies to buy? Focus on?
    • Hull upgrades (1000gp) (+50 ship HP)
    • Naval RAM (1000gp) (Allows RAM Action)
    • Hire sailors (1000gp) (+1 to Ship Score)
    • Silk sails (1000gp) (+1 to Ship Score)
    • Upgrade canons (2000gp) (adds 1d6 flaming damage to shots.
    • Mines (2000gp for 3) (adds 2d8+5 flaming damage)
    • Moon pool (1500gp) (extra LOOT slot)
    • Rapid deploy sails (1000gp) (+1 to Ship score)

Part 2: The Reghed Heir resolved!

  • During the encounter, a significant aspect of the plot revolved around the Reghed Heir, who was represented by our rogue, “Forest”. In a previous game, we introduced the boy’s adopted polar bear father, who provided guidance on how to handle his mother.
  • The primary revelation was that the group was not originally from the mainland, and instead, their leader was a queen of piracy.
  • Oyaminartok
    • Pulls aside, Forest.

“Pup, if you go in there looking for your mother, at least give her a chance to explain why she abandoned you on the ice flow. If you want your revenge upon her, I shall help you.”

  • Inn
    • In the bustling den of debauchery and camaraderie that is a pirate bar, the air is thick with the scent of salt, sweat, and rum. Dimly lit by flickering lanterns and scattered candles, the interior reflects the rugged nature of its patrons. 
  • DC 10 PERCEPTION checks
    • Bar Counter: A sturdy wooden counter stretches across one side of the room, polished and worn from years of raucous patrons leaning against it. Behind it stands a burly bartender wiping down glasses and deftly pouring drinks. Rows of bottles filled with various spirits line the shelves behind the counter, showcasing the establishment’s wares.
    • Tables and Chairs: Throughout the room, sturdy wooden tables and mismatched chairs are scattered, accommodating groups of pirates engaged in conversation, card games, and boisterous laughter. The tables bear the marks of countless spilt drinks, and the chairs creak under the weight of their rowdy occupants.
    • Shady Corners: Darkened corners provide a semblance of privacy for clandestine deals or hushed conversations. Hooded figures exchange information or count ill-gotten treasures, their eyes darting warily across the room. These corners offer the opportunity for secretive interactions or even the initiation of dangerous quests.
    • Decorations: The walls are adorned with maritime paraphernalia, including tattered sails, weathered ship’s wheels, and fishing nets suspended from the ceiling. Pirate flags with skull and crossbones motifs hang proudly, serving as a testament to the establishment’s reputation. Stuffed trophies of exotic sea creatures, such as shark jaws or preserved Kraken tentacles, further accentuate the atmosphere.
    • Boisterous Patrons: The bar resonates with the voices of sailors and pirates, their conversations filled with tales of treasure hunts, ship battles, and daring escapes. They engage in jovial banter, sharing exaggerated stories of their exploits while nursing tankards of frothy ale or dark rum.
  • They spy Bjornhild Solvigsdottir at a table in the corner, looking forlorn.
    • She is sat with three pirates from her crew. 
    • Upon seeing Forest she rises.

” I know your face!”

    • The inn falls silent as she walks up to you and stands face-to-face with her long-lost child, she takes a moment to compose herself. Her eyes, hardened by a life of adventure and ruling over a crew of cutthroat pirates, soften as she looks upon the person who was once sacrificed to the Frostmaiden. Drawing a deep breath, she speaks with a mixture of regret and explanation:

“It has been many years since that fateful day when I cast you into the Sea of Moving Ice, an act that has haunted me ever since. Know that I never desired to abandon you or sacrifice you to the Frostmaiden as a mere pawn in her icy game. It was a decision made out of desperation, driven by the belief that it was the only way to protect you and our people.”

“The Frostmaiden’s wrath was relentless, threatening to consume us all. The land froze, and our ships were trapped, unable to navigate the treacherous sea. As a leader, I had to make a choice—one that I never wished upon any parent. In my misguided attempt to appease Auril, I hoped to spare our crew and preserve our way of life.”

“Now, with you standing here before me, I am filled with a mix of relief, regret, and an overwhelming desire to make amends. If you are willing, I want nothing more than to make up for the pain I’ve caused. Together, we can forge a new path—one where we confront the Frostmaiden and defy her grasp, reclaiming our lives and bringing warmth to the frozen world.”

    • With her voice filled with sincerity and vulnerability, Queen Bjornhild Solvigsdottir extends a hand, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears. She waits…”
  • If Forest doesn’t forgive, roll initiative.
  • If forgive:
    • She gives him the Frostheart Pendant: Queen Bjornhild presents her son with a pendant crafted from a shimmering blue gemstone resembling a frozen heart. This pendant represents her acknowledgement of the sacrifices made and the frosty path they have both treaded. The Frostheart Pendant possesses the following properties: 
      • Symbol of Reconciliation: The Frostheart Pendant symbolises Queen Bjornhild’s remorse and desire to reconcile. When worn, it grants an advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks made by the recipient when interacting with creatures who have a connection to ice, cold, or the Frostmaiden. This includes negotiations with frost giants and Yetis, negotiations related to icy territories, or attempts to garner favour with followers of the Frostmaiden.
  • New pirates come in and pledge their allegiance to Forest Solvigsdottir!
    • She asks the team if they will be her champion in the upcoming Dred Pirate trial?
    • She gives them the token to be laid on the sea shrine with the words:

“O mighty sea, vast and untamed, I beseech thee upon this sacred shrine. Accept this token of kingship, a symbol of power and authority. Grant me favor and protection as I sail the treacherous waters. May your currents guide my path and your waves carry me to victory. Hear my prayer, O sea, and bless me with your boundless strength.”

  • Take the night to prepare and let us relax here in the inn.
    • In the pirate inn, as the sun dips below the horizon, the atmosphere shifts into one of relaxation and revelry. 
    • Warm Hearth: The crackling fireplace casts a flickering glow, filling the common area with a comforting warmth. The scent of burning wood mingles with the aromas of hearty stew and spiced ale, creating an inviting ambience.
    • Sea Shanties: A group of musicians stationed in one corner of the inn fills the air with lively sea shanties. Their instruments—such as fiddles, accordions, and drums—create an infectious rhythm that encourages patrons to tap their feet or even join in with a chorus.
    • Shared Tales: Pirates from various crews and walks of life gather around the inn’s long, sturdy tables. They exchange tales of daring heists, legendary sea monsters, and narrow escapes, their stories growing grander with each retelling. Laughter and camaraderie echo through the room as friendships are forged or reinforced.
    • Rum and Ale: The bar is stocked with barrels of rich, dark rum and frothy ales, drawing pirates thirsty for a well-deserved drink. Tankards are raised in toasts and mugs clink together as the spirits flow freely, lifting the spirits of the weary and fostering a sense of camaraderie.
    • As the night progresses, the inn’s patrons trickle out to find their quarters or take to their ships. Those who remain may wander outside to gaze upon the starry sky, their hearts filled with a mix of wanderlust and a sense of belonging amidst the vastness of the ocean.

Part 3: attack of Davey jones’ crew

  • That night all are asleep
  •  A hideous fog descends on the pirate trading post and the fog climbs up the hill towards the Inn.
    • DC 14 PERCEPTION check
      • If Pass: Wake at a noise downstairs.
      • If Fail: the player is too drunk to notice.
  • A crash sounds downstairs and the awake members of the team rush to the stair to see Skelington pirates at the door, with the fog creeping in the door.

“We have taken your mother in the name of Davey Jones. She is on our ship. If you want to see her alive again, you must not take part in the Pirate Challenge tomorrow!”

Davey Jones lays claim on these here islands and all will bow to him, or Else.

  • If the team question who Davey Jones is:

Our ship floundered in the Frost Maiden’s embrace, we died, cold so cold. Then she came and brought us back too life! Now we serve her that sings the Rime, and you all will soon join us in death!

  • With that, they leave.
  • If the team run out, they see the fog dissipates down the hill and out into the bay.
    • There stands a mighty black ship with black sails. It is not clearly seen in the fog and it seems to fade out of the bay.

Part 4: The trial of the Dread Pirate Lords

  • The next day the challenge begins. 

If the team wish to rescue Bjornhild Solvigsdottir, they prepare to chase down the Back Pearl. Otherwise, they would proceed directly to the final battle if they killed her.

  • In the pre-dawn hours, a frost-frozen morning settles upon the docks, shrouding the scene in an icy stillness. The air is crisp and biting, each breath visible as a cloud of mist. 
    • Frozen Pier: The pier’s wooden planks are glazed with a thin layer of ice, making each step treacherous. Pirates carefully navigate the frozen terrain, their boots crunching against the icy surface, leaving faint imprints in the frost.
    • Chilled Breath: Frost clings to the pirates’ clothing and beards, glistening in the soft light of the early morning. The breath of the gathered crew members billows from their mouths, creating an ethereal mist that quickly dissipates into the surrounding air.
    • Naval Preparations: The docks bustle with activity as pirates ready their ships for the daunting sea monster encounter. Rigging is checked, cannons are inspected, and sails are unfurled, their fabric snapping in the biting wind. Crew members exchange terse orders, their voices carrying a mixture of determination and excitement.
    • Battle Preparations: Pirates clad in heavy winter gear, furs, and leather armour gather on the docks. They wield various weapons—cutlasses, harpoons, and cannons—each carefully inspected and readied for the impending battle. Tension hangs in the air as they exchange knowing nods and whispers of encouragement.
  • In this frost-frozen morning at the docks, the pirates prepare to face the sea monster, their determination cutting through the icy stillness. They stand united, ready to prove their worth and claim their place as the next leaders of the pirate crew.
  • As the crew cast off, Vellynne Harpell lands on a griffon. She runs up to the boat floating away.

“If you survive, I need to talk to you and perhaps hire your pirate crew?”

Winning the battle against the Black Pearl is a difficult task due to its immense power. In each round, the pearl unleashes two powerful shots.

  • As the battle draws to a close, the Pearl rams into the Ravenous and initiates a rescue mission.

After rescuing Bjornhild Solvigsdottir, Davy Jones ascends the main mast, declaring the appearance of the Giant Squid before plunging into the ocean.

Part 5: Facing the Sea beast Giant Squid!

Sea battle against the monster:

  • The monster is basically a giant ship with huge movement speed. 
  • Once down to half hit-points, the squid casts Call of the Depths, grapples the boat and we have the zoomed-in fight.

If the team are loosing very badly, then:

  • VH comes in on the griffon and helps.
    • Shouts to use the oze from the Myconid/heal potions, etc.If the team are hammered,
    • She uses:
      • Frostbite: She inflicts a debilitating frostbite upon a target, dealing cold damage and potentially imposing disadvantage on the target’s next weapon attack roll or ability check.
      • Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere: She hurls a freezing sphere of ice and snow, causing it to explode upon impact. The spell deals cold damage and potentially freezes or slows creatures caught within the blast.
      • Wall of Ice: Vellynne erects a solid wall of ice, creating a barrier that blocks passage and provides cover. The wall can be shaped and manipulated to suit her needs.
      • Necklace of fireballs.
  • What happened in our game:

The squid drew a crit on its first attack and did 50 points of damage to Forest!

The Warlock also crit and drew (we use crit cards) that the enemy couldn’t use magic for 5 rounds.

The squid went down quite quickly after that, unable to use its massive spell advantage.


  • Once the squid is defeated, the crew takes a launch to the island.

Part 6: Lighting the shrine

  • The team head for the lighthouse
  • Upon the steps, they face off against Davey Jones and two pirates

“Ah, me hearties! Ye stand before Davey Jones himself, the scourge of the seven seas! Tremble at me name, for I am the embodiment of chaos and plunder. Behold the might of me crew, the fury of me blade! Submit or face a fate more gruesome than ye can imagine!”

  • Upon cresting the top. They lay the token and recite the prayer.

“O mighty sea, vast and untamed, I beseech thee upon this sacred shrine. Accept this token of kingship, a symbol of power and authority. Grant me favor and protection as I sail the treacherous waters. May your currents guide my path and your waves carry me to victory. Hear my prayer, O sea, and bless me with your boundless strength.”

    • The sea shrine trembles as if acknowledging the pirate’s plea. Symbols carved into its surface illuminate, tracing the path of the light beam. Ancient sigils and glyphs intermingle, forming a mesmerizing pattern of ancient magic.
    • Suddenly, a brilliant beam of light erupts from the shrine. The light expands, casting an ethereal radiance that stretches far out into the open sea. The once-calm waters stir and surge, responding to the call.
    • The lighthouse glows with a renewed luminosity, casting its guiding light far and wide, offering safe passage to all who sail under its watchful gaze. The pirate, empowered by the sea’s blessing, sets forth on their journey, knowing that the sea itself will guide their destiny.

Shrine Loot

  • Charm of Restoration. This charm has 6 charges. You can use an action to expend some of its charges to cast one of the following spells: greater restoration (4 charges) or lesser restoration (2 charges). Once all its charges have been expended, the charm vanishes from you.
  • Charm of the Slayer. One sword in your possession becomes a dragon slayer or giant slayer (DM’s choice) for the next 9 days. The charm then vanishes from you, and the weapon returns to normal.
  • A character retains the benefits of a blessing forever or until it is taken away by the god who granted it. Unlike a magic item, such a blessing can’t be suppressed by an antimagic field or similar effect.
  • Blessing of Health. Your Constitution score increases by 2, up to a maximum of 22.
  • Blessing of Protection. You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws.
  • Blessing of Understanding. Your Wisdom score increases by 2, up to a maximum of 22.
  • Blessing of Wound Closure. This blessing grants you the benefits of a periapt of wound closure. Stabilizing Influence: When you are dying you automatically stabilize and with one successful Wisdom (Medicine) check you regain 1 hit point.
  • Blessing of Weapon Enhancement. One nonmagical weapon in your possession becomes a +1 weapon whenever you wield it.
  • Blessing of Intellect. Your Intelligence score increases by 2, up to a maximum of 22.

Part 7: Aftermath and leaving for Auriel’s island

  • The team sail back to the port and are greeted as heroes by the pirate tribes.
    • The captain tells them they can leave for the Island when they are ready.
  • VH boards the ship and says

“That is suicide. You need a better plan. hear me out and we can defeat Auriel once and for all.”

    • She explains that
    • Auriel cannot be killed. She’s too powerful as a God. She would wipe the floor with us all.
    • Perhaps her Roc can be killed and slow her down.
    • Listen:

“I need your help to find an ancient city buried under the ice. This city, Ythryn, is a lost fragment of the Empire of Netheril, whose wizards created many of the magic items we find scattered across the world today. It holds magic beyond our wildest dreams and can end this hateful winter.”

  • If characters want to hear more or leave an opening for Vellynne to keep talking, she adds:
    • “Using divination magic, the Arcane Brotherhood has learned that the city is buried deep inside the Reghed Glacier. But the glacier can be cracked open at a place where a waterfall once flowed down its side but has since frozen. We have already found the waterfall. All we need now is the magic to break open the glacier.”

    • Vellynne’s family has a private collection of magic items. The professor orb known as Professor Skant was part of that collection, and Vellynne wants it back for both practical and sentimental reasons:

    • “The orb is a family heirloom that was stolen from me by a former colleague named Nass Lantomir. The orb has the personality of a scholar and is named Professor Skant. Its knowledge will help us once we descend into Ythryn. Nass is after The Codicil of White. Find Nass, and we find Professor Skant.” 

  • Vellynne learned a few things from her professor orb before it was stolen from her. 
  • She shares the following information with characters who want to know more about Netheril:
    • Netheril was a vast human empire ruled by wizards, whose mastery of the Weave remains unsurpassed to this day.
    • Some of what the Netherese wizards learned came from the elves. The rest came from the study of artefacts called the Nether Scrolls.
    • The Netherese created magic that was more powerful than a wish spell and used it to accomplish the impossible. Their magic could shear the tops of mountains and lift entire cities into the sky.
    • To hold Ythryn aloft, the Netherese wizards would have needed a powerful magic item called a mythallar. It likely survived the crash and might have other properties as well, including the ability to change the weather. (“Think of what that could mean for Icewind Dale!” Vellynne adds excitedly.)
    • We can get onto the island when she is away upon her Roc casting her rime spell. This gives us 24h to get to the frost giant fortress at the centre and find the Codicil of White

“Written and guarded by Auril’s followers, The Codicil of White is rumoured to contain a spell or ritual that can carve a passage through the Reghed Glacier, under which the lost city Ythryn is buried.”

It is protected by three challenges of the frost maiden. My friends and I failed them, but perhaps your team is now powerful enough to succeed where we failed?

Time to leave

  • The team say their goodbyes to the pirates at the port. 
  • A crew of pirates come along to man the boat.
    • VH releases her griffon, and it flies off. (Hired from the tribes).
    • She says, oh yes:

I have this for you. He will no longer be needing it.

  • Crown of Xardarok’s Dominion Legendary Item (Requires Attunement)
    • This majestic crown, once worn by the powerful King Xardarok, exudes an aura of authority and power. Crafted from gleaming gold and encrusted with precious gemstones, it symbolizes the ruler’s dominion over land and subjects. When attuned, the Crown of Xardarok’s Dominion grants the following abilities:
      • Royal Command: As an action, you can issue a command to a creature within 60 feet that can hear and understand you. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 18) or be compelled to follow your command for one minute. The command must be clear and achievable, and cannot cause direct harm to the target. Once you use this ability, it can’t be used again until the next dawn.
      • Regal Resilience: The Crown of Xardarok’s Dominion grants you an advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened. Your regal bearing and unyielding spirit make you resilient against attempts to manipulate or intimidate you.

and a present from the Myconid Sovereign (saved in the battle against Xardarok):

  • Sporewood Staff Rare Item (Requires Attunement)
    • This staff, crafted from the resilient and enchanting Sporewood, was taken from the grasp of a Myconid Sovereign, a powerful fungal entity. The Sporewood Staff holds within it the essence of nature and the spore-infused magic of the Myconids. When attuned, it grants the following abilities:
      • Myconid’s Gift: Once per long rest, you can use an action to touch a willing creature and expend a charge from the staff. The creature gains temporary hit points equal to 2d8 plus your spellcasting ability modifier. These temporary hit points last for 1 hour and have a faint fungal glow.
      • Sporewood Growth: While attuned to the Sporewood Staff, you have advantage on Wisdom (Nature) checks related to plants and fungi. Additionally, you can cast the Speak with Plants spell once per day without expending a spell slot. The staff resonates with the natural world, granting you a deeper connection to flora and the ability to communicate with plants.

That concludes everything!

The team has emerged victorious against the Giant Squid and now holds the esteemed title of Dread Lords among the Pirates.

Next week, they face the incredible Island of Solstice and Auriel herself!

Thanks for reading!