OMEGA Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” review


THE SPEEDMASTER PROFESSIONAL MOONWATCH. For well over half a century, the OMEGA Speedmaster has witnessed events that have tested the limits of physical endurance and human courage, including the first manned lunar landing in July of 1969 and every one of NASA’s piloted missions since March of 1965.

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Christopher Ward C60 Trident “Bond” Review


Obsessions that you share with others can never be judged rationally as you lack the context needed to see them from the outside. In order to see them for what they really are you need an example of the same thing in a new context that you don't obsess over.

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Nike+ SportWatch GPS Review


“Way to get out there!” my watch gleefully announces. I watch its face, awaiting any further messages from its GPS ROM that has tracked my every move for months. In any other circumstances that might be a disturbing thought, but here the watch and its sister satellite high above my head record my movements like the Goddess Nike made flesh.Nope, nothing else, not today.

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Tactical Man Watch?


My friend, “Big D”, gave me a going away present when I announced that I was leaving for a year. It was, what he called, a “Tactical Man Band”. That is the classic macramé bracelets beloved of Girl Guides, made out of super strong and manly paracord used by soldiers. Not girly at all. Seriously. You, stop laughing.

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Christopher Ward Kingfisher Diver-Pro review


What makes a man’s watch? It seems to me that the big names in male watches are struggling to sell their brands. Unfortunately this has led to truly hideous watches that have all the hallmarks of a marketing department struggling with not only reality, but also a sense of the times.The times are hard.

Christopher Ward Kingfisher Diver-Pro review2016-10-18T18:53:25+01:00
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