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You’re the Pretender – a Tier 1 tribute

A loving tribute to 5 years of Tier 1 Military Simulations events. They say that it is only when you lose something that you realise the value it had. That emotional wrench requires a loss of access. Not that airsoft is banned or that I am banned from enjoying it; but, we (my friends and I) tried to attend other events, I was even offered (very generously) positions of filmmaker in lieu of playing fees, and yet - we couldn’t get excited by the action or involved in the role play. I present here an argument that tier 1 was unique in the pantheon of airsoft companies, that it tried - and bloody well succeeded - in doing something very very high end. All [...]

The Storm King’s Thunder and the Dragon’s Bane

There follows the campaign we have played all through the 2020 lockdown. It has helped us all resist the mental anguish of the COVID virus, recover from the infection itself and be a beacon of bright enjoyment for all. Truly the great value of this magical game cannot be overstated when played with attentive and imaginative children. So, I present the chronicle of my son, my daughter and my wife playing their first campaign after the starter set, Storm King's Thunder!