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Articles and films from Outside Context have been licensed for use by airlines, featured in Webby award winning phone apps, published as degree level English exam questions, played on Indian evening news and in global advertising by Google.

Jawbreaker – Ultimate AI Upscaled 4k edition

I was at the gym and, as usual, I was watching downloaded films on the gym's TV while cycling or rowing. I decided to watch the documentary "Samsara" by Ron Fricke and was amazed to see that I had been to many of the locations featured in the film, and furthermore, I had lots of my own footage of those locations. This gave me the idea to create a travel documentary using my footage, along with other trips that have never been shared online, including my travels to Japan. So I checked the archives, and my heart fell. It's not 2008 anymore, and the 50i 24fps handycam footage barely works in the 4k 60fps world of 2024. Then, I came across AI upscaling software and I asked myself, "Using this incredible technology, could I "fix" the old footage?" and, "How would I use it to make a new film?" I needed [...]


Udaipur is famous for many reasons. To those in the west it is mostly known for its gleaming white Jag Niwas hotel found in the middle of one of its many lakes. To the Indians [...]

The Storm King’s Thunder and the Dragon’s Bane

There follows the campaign we have played all through the 2020 lockdown. It has helped us all resist the mental anguish of the COVID virus, recover from the infection itself and be a beacon of bright enjoyment for all. Truly the great value of this magical game cannot be overstated when played with attentive and imaginative children. So, I present the chronicle of my son, my daughter and my wife playing their first campaign after the starter set, Storm King's Thunder!

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Urban Airsoft Training Day

Criticism isn't as easy as people like to think. This is because that, while everyone knows when things have not gone optimally, as the old adage goes, “opinions are like assholes; everyone has got one”. However opinions are not often the result of well thought-out analysis, but rather the result of frustration and the need to vent anger. In airsoft, where bad command decisions can lead directly to the unquestionably real pain of being laced or embarrassed, most teams have a very simple method of dealing with the potential for such situations:They don’t have commanders at all.

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation PAYBACK – Download Now

This incredibly well played event showcased some of the highest quality effects ever used in milsim. Including RPG attacks, EOD detonations, explosive entry and more.All captured in the 20 minute film from Outside Context. If you have any interest in milsim then this is a must watch!

Tokyo Marui Pro Goggle Review

After coming home from my travels I accessed my secure shipping container and got out all my airsoft gear. GZ is coming and I wanted to do a ops check and full clean so I would be ready. My old, fantastic, HFC mesh mask had seen better days. After considering the risk of using rusty mesh, I benched the mask and started hunting around for another solution. There was something else too. My team now play 24h milsim games. As I was going to join them, I needed a face rig that would enable me to eat and sleep in the field, but not be a compromise on safety.

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