This is a collection of the scrapings from my very old websites (back when the internet was young and broadband was a gleam in Cisco’s eye).

“The Cellar”

Welcome to the cellar.

Down here things get a little old. Here sleeping god’s lay and dream of awakening. Here be dragons, ageless, immortal.

If you don’t keep your wits about you…

OLD WEBSITES. This is a repository of all my old web designs in chronological order.

The Art of the Long Range Gun. This is my most successful website created way back in 2000. It is a guide of over 14000 words to the Sniper class in Team Fortress Classic.

Hitchhikers Web Society. This is a web page I never had the chance of finishing. Back in 1998 when the web was still young I was experimenting with a multi level game run around web pages. What we have here is the tech demo that I created before getting the graphics. After this I spent 2 weeks grabbing screens from the BBC TV series and cutting them out for use in the game. Unfortunately, I then had a total system loss from a virus! Having lost all that work I similarly lost interest in the project. Shame, because it was a good idea (for its time – you could do the whole lot in flash now).

Web CV. This was my web based CV I created for when I moved to London. It is very very very out of date but a nice little site.

Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries and Other Professional Thinking Persons. This is a site I created to host all my university work.

Fine Art Services. This is a site I created for Francesca’s uncle who is a fine art expert. I got it onto Google too.

Modern Taekwondo Academy. I put this together for my friend and martial arts instructor as an online advert for his school. It was taken down when he changed the name of the style.

Hooded Nomads. This site was created as a demonstration for my guild leader.

Wasteland. Another technical demo site for a forum I visit.