My friend, “Big D”, gave me a going away present when I announced that I was leaving for a year.  It was, what he called, a “Tactical Man Band”.  That is the classic macramé bracelets beloved of Girl Guides, made out of super strong and manly paracord used by soldiers.  Not girly at all. Seriously.  You, stop laughing.

I wore this band all through my trip and eventually tried to work out how to make one myself.  Then I came across this:

On arrival back home my splendid rubber watch strap broke (it had been through hell and back; chemicals, salt, sand and god knows what) and so I needed another. Well, I just so happened to have 20ft of paracord laying around and therefore got to work.  This is a trial run.  I am now going to buy some high quality paracord and make a really good one, but it worked!  (Done!)

The Christopher Ward Kingfisher is a brilliant watch, I have blogged at length about the quality of this watch maker and you can find my opinion on the link in the sidebar.  I don’t just review this watch I have worn his brand for 4 years.

Check this:

Version 1:

IMG_0091 IMG_0092

UPDATE with Version 2!

Today, I rebuilt the strap using some higher quality Paracord and a proper clip.  Here is the result:

Tactical Man Watch Tactical Man Watch 2

Tactical Man Watch 3 Tactical Man Watch 4

The Tactical Man Watch is born!