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Following from her successful gallery show in 2011, Cesca is now offering you a chance to buy a top quality print from her professional portfolio. Cesca’s art has been seen on commercial products, galleries and even the giant funnels of international cruise liners! Now she has collected together a select group of images to offer to readers of Outside Context at a special discounted price.

All of these amazing prints are originals by Cesca and taken with her expert eye during our around the world adventures. Her style is so natural and emotive that hanging these prints in your home or office is sure to bring many interested comments and questions from visitors! Anyone can take a photo, but it takes someone with Cesca’s skill, 10 years of experience and natural timing to take something special.

The Images in the following gallery are scaled down for the web, each actual print is in super high quality and will easily print in A1! The sky is the limit!

Select to buy a print using the menu attached below each image, which will take you directly to our printing partner Fotomoto. All sizes, mounts, qualities and print types are available. If you are interested in Cesca mounting your purchased print herself, then contact us directly using the “contact” page above.


Gallery One


Hope you enjoy this special collection!



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