I have often remarked that the challenge of making an airsoft film – when you are also playing in the game – is that you can only edit what you film. In other words: all the events and action is “live” and you cannot simply stop filming, back everyone up, and take a different angle! I have tried many approaches to defeating this problem such as using multiple camera’s, being an extra slice of awesome and filming everything that happens.

However, milsim proved a stronger challenge.

How can I make a film about a shooting event where for the first 10 hours I fired not more than a handful of BBs? In fact only one burst! I decided to focus on the story and one particular incident that happened to me on the Sunday morning when on sentry duty. Unfortunately, my part in the large battle that followed (see the awesome comment above) was entirely too dark to use as was the tunnels section at the end of the day. So, what we have is my filming as a dead player. I think the guys in the footage played very well indeed and were excellently commanded by Ed (the guy with the beard).

I am working hard at ways of defeating low light issues for the next film, but for now – here is Operation Snakebite.



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