A few weeks ago the CEO of Rohan clothing emailed me and asked if I would write them a guest post for their new website Rohantime.com.

I was delighted, so I wrote them 3.

The first has just been published, I am cross-posting it here:

Rohan Travelling Light

Basho's packing

When visiting 12 countries over a one-year period, you wonder how you will change.  So much is happening to you all at once, so many choices, so many experiences and so many influences.  Travelling can become mentally draining for those who are unprepared.  I knew that when it came to our kit, our only travelling possessions, we needed to have things that would last, yes, but also things that would ground us.  It is very easy to lose oneself out in the adventure.  We needed to be ready for anything that might arise.  That is what was going through my mind when we went shopping.  This stuff needed to work or it would not last the rigors of what I had planned.

That is when we went to Rohan Covent Garden. The shopping experience was a cut above the rest and the selection easy to make.  Eventually, we came away with Rohan clothes for all the parts of the body and all the seasons we would be encountering;  winter in New Zealand, summer in India, the shoulders of “The Wet” in Thailand and the endless heat of Singapore.  In order to pack as small as possible, and as secure as possible, we needed to buy a small amount of clothes that were light and quick drying.  We also wanted to be able to step out of the wild and into a dining hall without standing out.  Rohan had all these features and more.

My selection highlights.

Rohan Cloudbase jacket. This is the staple of my kit.  Light and yet fully waterproof.  Warm, but able to be worn in the heat.  When packed it also makes a great pillow for long bus journeys; this jacket has it all!

Rohan Travel linen shirt.  This amazing fabric is tough and light.  It also looks good whenever I wear it, be it on the mountain in New Zealand or on the rooftop bar of a Swish Mumbai hotel.

Rohan Crossborder trousers.  I have only brought two pair of trousers with me.  These, unlike the others from another brand, look as good today as they did on day one.  They have been through hell and back in the jungles of Thailand, but still do not raise an eyebrow in a good hotel.

Rohan Bhutan walking shoes.  The Bhutan’s are waterproof, something I have field tested many times, they are also very comfortable and even after being used in the deserts of Jaisalmer they don’t smell; unlike the camel I was riding!

Whether diving off the Great Barrier Reef, climbing New Zealand’s Mount John, navigating Singapore’s night markets, boating the Mekong, trekking into Thailand’s jungles, fighting off the dirt of Mumbai, relaxing on the beach in Goa or tracking tigers on Safari my Rohan clothes and gear have performed above and beyond all my expectations.  With my kit in place I can relax and let the adventure take me.

I can’t wait for where they take me next!

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