My darling wife,

I cry a bitter tear at being parted from you during this awful conflict.  It is terrible, not only because all war is terrible, but also because I have no peace of mind and no time to myself. Whenever I think of you my attention is suddenly drawn painfully away by the sound of explosions and the sights of horror. I just want the best chance for my family to make it to old age, but my duty is always foremost in my mind.

We arrived here in high spirits.  We have been told that we had come to liberate these people, and we will do so.  They are not like us, my darling. Their lives lack the meaning that our people draw from the trust in our leader.  The men and I fought against their army; its was a pitiful thing.  Our tactics, armaments and the natural fighting prowess of the men of our country soon put their forces in retreat.  We now control much of the land and have taken their capital city without much loss.  My crew on the tank continue to perform their duties with honour my love and I am most proud of them all. I see everyday that our military is actually doing very well.

We passed by some of the buildings and architecture of this corrupt regime.  I cannot tell you the size of the buildings and the strange art within.  This place has the power to shock and awe you at any time, even if that shock is one of beauty. To fight in a place like this we focused our minds on our task.  As I told the men; we are simply defending the freedom of you all back home. By our resolve, we will give strength to others. By our courage, we will give hope to others. And by our actions, we will secure the peace

The political situation is more than clear to us than ever before. We hear of you all doubting our mission, but we do not. It is like our leader said, “Faith can be found, if the will is there. Our leadership has the will, and faith is with the people…” We know that God is on our side. We ask every nation to join us and not to oppose us.

We could not allow our country to be threatened.  Invasion was an action of self defense.  Too long had these people harbored those who have attacked us and tried in every way to weaken our freedoms with their vile religious views.  Our leader was right, we could not allow this to continue.  It would be unpatriotic.  I know the world is split in agreeing with us.  Can they not see that once military action has been taken that it is too late, far too late to continue their arguing with us?  They must follow where we lead. We, who will police the world. Why? Only because our nation is the most powerful and the most free.

We, our allies and us, formed a just plan.  A simple change of leadership.  This could have been bloodless, but they fought anyway.  Their fanaticism knows no bounds.  They guarded the border, but we went around and over them.  They had no chance against our forces speed and intelligence equipment and we rained down bombs on their troops from the air.

The war is won, for now (there are many other countries who wish us harm.)  It is up to us now to win the peace and rebuild this nation in our own image.  Unfortunately the insurgents want otherwise.  They have formed themselves into a hidden resistance.  They are hiding out amongst the people, after all a soldier with no uniform looks like a civilian.  They have armaments, we think being smuggled in by the neighboring country (Our next target?) and they are using these to attack our vehicles and troops as we try and maintain this fragile moment of peace and rebuild the nation. Everyday a new crash and boom means more of our troops have died. But we will not give up! We will never give up!  We must not give in to these terror fighters.  We must make these people see that we are the only way, the free way, forwards for their nation.  There is no choice, they will hand over the terrorists, or they will share in their fate..  We will not lose as our culture is simply naturally superior to theirs.  Our faith in our government and our church, stronger than theirs. We will direct every resource at our command – every means of diplomacy, every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement and every financial influence and every necessary weapon of war.

We will obtain a lasting victory here my love, an when we do, I will be flying home to your loving arms as soon as I can. I miss you, I love you.  Rest assured that I am safe over here and I will do my duty.

All my heart,



Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist


Panzergruppe von Kleist


Château de Vincennes



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