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I was introduced to airsoft in my teens. I have heard it described as “a game of Cowboys and Indians for grown-ups” – but it is much more. I have yet to find a better and more social game than airsoft. I have made life long friends, worked out, released stress and engaged my mind as well as my body, all things not offered by more prosaic sports. As a close friend of mine put it: “It is the ultimate catharsis”.

I am a committee member of the well-known London team: Delta Alpha (the DAs). From 2004-2008 I was head safety marshal at the London urban airsoft site known as Electrowerkz. Since then I have become a professional airsoft filmmaker and I have been helping Tier 1 Military Simulation as a Senior Marshal and filming their games.

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Film commission – Advert for war-zone.co.uk/

Basho Films is proud to present a film commission for http://war-zone.co.uk/; a new milsim company setting up in the UK. I was contacted about doing a film for this new company, but there was a problem - [...]

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