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Art and Literature:

What gives an aesthetic object or subject its taste?

Evaluate Bells and Greenberg’s claim that "form" is the most important feature of any work of art.

The first impression of Kafka’s Metamorphosis.  To what extent is Gregor Samsa still human?

Rationalism & Empiricism:

What does Wittgenstein mean by the term “language game”,

Assess Foucaults critique of the “Repressive Hypothesis”.

A. J. Ayer -   Seminar Notes

How successfully did Descartes Prove the existence of God, and what kind of "God" was he dealing with anyway?

What is wrong with the ‘Cartesian Theatre’ and should Dennetts’s ‘Multiple Drafts Model’ of consciousness replace it?

Bertrand Russell Seminar Notes

Seminar Notes 2


Why does Kant maintain that “I do not know an object merely in that I think”?
Why does Kant claim that the syllogism is fallacious?

Evaluate Kant’s account of artistic creativity in terms of genius.

“Being is obviously not a real predicate”. What role
does this remark play in Kant’s critique of the ontological argument for
the existence of God?

What are synthetic a priori propositions? How, according to
Kant, are they possible?

Critically assess the role of duty in Kant’s ethics.

Discuss the role of "synthetic a priori" judgements in Kant’s Prolegomena

Knowledge and belief:

How adequate is Leibniz’s account of freedom?

PLATO Republic:

What claim made by Thrasymachus is Socrates arguing against?  What are the three main stages of Socrates reply?

Summary of the main topics discussed in the Republic; pages 149 - 156

Friends of the Earth:

Extended essay.