We are happy to announce that we have completed a major overhaul of Basho Films, including a new logo for our favourite sub-brand!

Airsoft & Milsim Film-making

Recorded live, no scripts, no retakes – Pure, affordable, event recording

It has been a long discussion regarding splitting off the airsoft and milsim filming sides of Outside Context to their own site; but, in the end I decided to have two web sites where information is posted to both on this subject and each to have their own focus.

So, at the new site – you can find all our released films:


And a collated collection of those on YouTube:


It is also where we outline our services:

Live event filming

Filming airsoft events is an artform in itself. While camera quality has come on the quality of the final product has not kept pace and there is nothing like a professionally trained cameraman and editing team.

Basho films are specialists in getting the right shot at the right time, all while remaining a part of the game.

We will come to your event, films the action, film the organisation and tell your story.

Promo production

Advertising is the key to making your event a success.

We have proven experience in producing promotional videos for airsoft and milsim events that generate leads, customer, players and repeats.

Amazing things happen at your events, lost to all those who weren’t there.

Basho Films can ensure that the effort you put into making your events a success is shown to all.

Editing and post production

We have the equipment and software to produce expert level results.

Professionally trained in editing and colouring, we can take your footage and produce a high qualiity film to gift to your players and advertise on your site.

DVD/Blu-Ray production

We can produce DVD and Blu-Ray packages of your event.

Featuring images and film from the event, in a proper DVD box and with a professional insert.

We will then package this up and post to your clients.

Imagine giving each player a DVD of the event they just played, featuring them and highlighting the great moments and background story of the event itself.

Distribution and marketing

We will host a digital copy of your film and manage online distribution to paying customers.

This proven method enables clients to view the film online, or download in HD, SD and a DVD .iso file, (which can be burned to hard copies).

Simpler for the event team and less risk than creating hundreds of DVDs.

Basho Films will then share your promo with their subscribers and alert the social media.


And finally, our costs:



So please take a look at the new site, its offerings and let us know what you think!