This was the very first film I ever made when I first purchased my camcorder. In 2008, I visited my father and assisted as his roady when he went out for a gig; as I had done so a multitude of times over my childhood.


It brought back many memories as I have always been a big fan of both my parents’ musical talent. I tried to attend as many gigs as possible over the years as these were the perfect excuse to spend time with Dad and enjoy his hard work on the frets. I have grown up around the cables and special boxes that come with this world. Lots of gear and equipment, plugs and knobs, dials and switches. A wonder to any child.




Slowly I had grown to sitting with a beer, and not a coke and bag of crisps, but the pleasure of live music sung by the people you love was still to be treasured and just as magical. I wish I had footage of my parents from when they were young and on tour, that would be incredible to cut into a film!

I took the opportunity to film this gig and I am glad that I did as it was one of Dad’s last before hanging up the Stratocaster. The original version is the entire performance and I burned that to DVD for him as a present. This version is an edit of the output to that as I no longer have the original footage and so cannot do a proper HD upscale and colour. Nevertheless, I wanted to re-edit it around the fantastic cover of “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. Check out minute 4:00 of the film where Dad nails the solo. He does such a good job that YouTube accused me of using the original!

The quote “Big in Japan” is from Spinal Tap.