After watching LOTR for the first time I started a long journey of the heart. The first steps were the reading of the book itself, now and forever with the New Zealand landscape in my mind, followed by many years wondering if the real country actually looked like that. Many steps, down this long road, later I have actually stood on the Pellanor fields and I can tell you that yes, in fact, New Zealand does look like Middle Earth.

But it also looks so much more.

Essentially then New Zealand is made up of huge tracks of open wilderness the likes of which you have never seen. From beaches to mountains all sprinkled liberally with people, the occasional town and even – like the shilling in a Christmas pudding – the odd city. It is often said that there are more sheep than people here and frankly that isn’t hard to imagine. There is more of everything than people here and that is all to the good I say.

This is a short (10 minute) film highlighting New Zealand will track our journey up and down this fair country. Into all its special nooks and crannies and past all its sights. Includes whales in Kaikoura, Fjords, Glaciers by Helicopter, The far north, the Volcanic heart and a trip through the forests of this magical country!

This is a special edition of my New Zealand film, a love letter to this amazing country.

I have wanted to remake my New Zealand film for the last 6 years as it was originally cut in the back of a caravan while still in the country. Now, as I pulled out the old files, I realised that all I wanted to really do was improve the film already cut. It evokes so many memories of that incredible country that it stands as my first fledgling film from the heart; and as such is best left just the way it was, but polished to a loving shine.

Upgraded to HD
Professionally Colour Balanced
Sound upgrade
Stabilisation in some scenes
Some scenes re-run to normal speeds

So, please enjoy – New Zealand – Country of Contrasts (Special Edition)