Hot off the render machine comes the first release from our site! This is a short promo for our upcoming DVD that shows some action from the Blackheart Tier 1 game a few weeks ago. We finally got it approved by the Ministry of Defense!

Location: STANTA, Eastmere OBUA Training village, Thetford, Norfolk.

Following the successful detention of the senior Al Qaeda (AQ) leader responsible for combat operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan – Mullah Kazim Numair, AKA PANTHER was detained during an Extremely High Risk (EHR) Helicopter Assault Force (HAF) raid by Seal Team 6 (ST6) during Operation Rolling Thunder in the KURRAM AGENCY situated in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) – Pakistan.

The CIA Special Activities Division (SAD) have been debriefing and tactically questioning Numair at an undisclosed “Black Camp” in Uzbekistan since his capture September 2011.

After several months of resistance to interrogation, Numair has finally started to show cracks in his resilience, which up until recently had been unbreakable and Numair has finally began to talk. The team interrogating Numair are aware that the information being released to them currently is low level and a ploy to keep them from the bigger players.

However, several names on the list Numair has provided include the leader of at least four (4) AQ IED cells responsible for 100?s of coalition deaths and horrific injuries. Also on the list are 2 AQ couriers and an AQ Quarter Master sitting on a large weapons cache.

To to that end, JSOC has decided to send in Task Force (TF) Seventy Six (76) iot* Kill / Capture the AQ operators while they are still located in the Gambir village, East Afghanistan near the Pakistan border. TF 76 are made up of Special Operations Forces (SOF) operators from SEAL TEAM FOUR (4) and RANGERS from Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

TF 76 are therefore to prepare for an EHR counter insurgency detention mission in a hostile urban environment.

This is a dual editor collaboration. The DVD will contain 2 x 30 minute renders of the footage from the game (one by me and one by Chris). We had filmmakers following both teams, capturing all the briefings, the serial events and all the action in the best FPS Basho tradition – quite a package!

This render is my promo for the full version.

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