This is a “Special Edition” of my Hong Kong at night film.

The beautiful skyline of Hong Kong at night! Come with us through the brightly lit, and empty of people, Business District and then over the river to Kowloon Bay to look back. The buildings all come to life with colours and lights embedded in their structure that forms a fantastic light show. Finally we visit the vibrant and busy center of town and see some of the amazing flashing neon screens and lights around the streets thronged with people.

Hong Kong is one of the cities that inspired the look of the film Blade Runner and so I have set the film to the score- hope you like it!

The Basho Special Editions are high definition re-renders of my prior work using some of the techniques and knowledge I have learned since first making them. This film is the last of that collection and the next will be a new slice of China.

Changes to the original:
Stabilised some shots
Rotated some of the shots to true
Recoloured correctly using professional filters
Sound cleanup
1080p Render in YT friendly wmv (mp4 juddered)

Things I couldn’t fix:
I couldn’t get the slow mo to become any smoother without losing tons of detail.
There is a lot of noise due to the fog that night. My camera is a basic job and does its best to compensate, but lots remains.

Kind regards,