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This is the second podcast in the This Is India collection. It tells of Cesca and my journey high above the sweltering plains of India to the mountain retreat of Ooty. We recorded it last night and both really enjoyed revisiting what was one of the most pleasant sections of our trek around this enormous country.

Ooty holds the envious position of being high enough to be cold by Indian standards, but still within the heart of the country that it overlooks. It has a very famous train service, upon which the dedicated crews work tirelessly to bring tourists, locals and travellers alike up and down from the plains of Kerala to the high station at Ooty. The people here, completely the most English influenced of Indian peoples, dress uniquely, worship in their own way and all exhibit the strength that high station living gifts those who endlessly pitch their lungs against the thinning air.

We hope you enjoy it and as before we have setup a slideshow of pictures of our time there that we will refer to as we talk on.

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