The Airsoft Adventures Podcast!

This podcast is not on our travels, rather it is about the sport I play with my team mates, the sport of airsoft.

I have been playing airsoft now for 7 years, which is an easy date for me to remember as I started my first proper skirmish on my stag night. I went on from there to play regularly at the old London site of Electrowerkz and was soon drafted into the Dark Angels (as they were then known); a 30 strong team of serious CQB players. Soon after that I was asked to join the marshalling team at Electrowerkz and rose to become a senior marshal and even ran the venue on my own a few times. Unfortunately, Electrowerkz closed on the day I left to go travelling and the Dark Angels became team Delta-Alpha. They have gone from strength to strength since then and have successfully branched out into playing military simulation games as well as appearing on TV, a music video and as “resistance security” for the Sarah Connor Chronicles London launch party. This year, a vote was taken to reduce the “publicity” side of the team and focus on the airsoft and I was raised to become of the 5 committee members. We now prowl around the airsoft circuit, sometimes being hired as a scripted enemy, but always reminding people that Team DA plays a very committed game at a very high standard of fairness and honour.

If you have an airsoft ground, if you need 30 very well equipped and motivated players to come down and kick your local boy’s asses, and if you can find our website, then maybe you can hire: The DA Team.

Today’s podcast takes a look at the differences between playing at the Mall in Reading, which is a CQB venue in 250,000 square feet of disserted shopping mall, and a Stirling Combat mission, which is a serious roleplay milsim event run by ex SAS members and not for the faint hearted.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is playing the Mall really like?
  • Do Stirling players really torture each other?
  • Will villager Trip fight for the Taliban team of oppressors, or the American team handing out biscuits?
  • Is the Mall’s safety brief really 50 minutes long?

All will be revealed right here, so please click to play!

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Supporting Media

During the podcast, reference is made to the following 12 man kill streak caught on camera by Basho:

This is the first podcast on this subject and we hope to be able to do many more. If you would like to appear as a guest in the next one (over Skype) then please let me know via the comments form below.