Hello and welcome to an experiment!

Cecsa and I have sat down and recorded a podcast of our time in Anegundi in India. This is a total-first for us and so please strap yourself in as we try and capture our feelings about the amazing Hampi area without really knowing what the hell we are doing. I haven’t edited it much, nor put on any intro and outro – this is raw stuff. If you like it, then let us know and I will make sure to up the professionalism about 1000% for next week.

Oh and warning for a few swearwords!

I have uploaded a collection of photos for you to browse as we speak as we refer to them as we go along. Hopefully, this will keep us on track and give you something nice to look at while we blather on. Here is a slideshow of the images, click to open in Flickr and you can go through them as I refer to them in the audio.

(Direct link:Flickr Set)

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If you are interested in the village featured in the podcast, then you can find more information here: http://thekishkindatrust.org/


Basho and Cesca