The Ground Zero Weekender is the biggest yearly event on the UK Airsoft calendar.

Spread over three days in the New Forest near Bournemouth, over 1000 players attend. Airsoft is similar to paintball, but with a lean towards realism and military simulation. GZ is known for a good game and large battles, but essentially the weekend is a social event with camping and wild parties around the BBQ.

trip usif

Trip moves into attack and Usif sports a kick ass hair cut

Here my team, Delta-Alpha; 26 strong, join in the fun and lark about until the game starts. We are more of a strict milsim team these days and GZ is used to build a team spirit rather than fight too hard. Still, you can see in the video that I had a gun cam and managed some great footage of people getting “laced”.

Among this year’s special surprises arranged by the DA’s, was a fly-over by the father of one of our players in a Chinese stunt plane while dropping leaflets. Unfortunately, hitting a 1000 people all wearing cammo was a challenge and most went wide into a nearby field. Roll on next year, where we will try again, or perhaps go even further!