NOTE:  This review is split into two parts.  This is part one; the review of the gun out of the box and the featured listed as standard.  Part two will be it performance in the field; probably at Ground Zero in August.  Sorry for the delay, but I have no access to a test zone at the moment.  I will make up for it with a stonking Basho Cam! film about owning lots of newbs with this gun.

Hattori Hanzo reviews the Magpul PTS AEG

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

– Old Klingon Proverb –


An English man enters Uncompany’s shop in Hong Kong. A single shop assistant hovers at the counter.

“What brings you to Hong Kong?” he asks.

“I came to see a man,” the Englishman replies.

“Who is he, may I ask?”

“Hattori Hanzo”

51889-26177 The shop assistant looks shocked.

“What do you want with Hattori Hanzo?” he asks nervously.

“I have need of a Japanese Magpul PTS as I have many newbies to lace at the Ground Zero Weekender”

The shop assistant considers this, “You must have big-ass newbies to lace if you need a Magpul PTS”.

The Englishman leans over the counter, “huge”.

“Follow me”.


When I first started airsoft – all those years ago! – Magpul were exactly what the name suggests; a company that made little rubber devices to attach to your M4 mags to make them easier to pull from your pouches. I didn’t have enough money to afford them and so used some string and tape.  Oh how things have moved on since then!  Magpul started building custom guns, the type only seen in photos from ShotShows.  Then I saw this:


…and like the rest of us I fell in love.  What a space age future look bit of kit!

Since then the name Magpul has come to mean to airsoft what the name of Gucci means to fashion.  Airsoft has always been split into two worlds, that of players and chairsofters.  For once, a company was releasing products that appealed to both.  Then came an announcement:

The Store Assistant (Hattori Hanzo) and the Englishman (Basho) enter the attic.  The room has racks of custom AEG’s held silently, lit by sunbeams. Motes of dust float in the air.


As Basho examines the weapons Hanzo speaks,

1110223343_killbill13 “Funny, you like AEG’s… personally I prefer pistols!”  With a flourish he bangs the floor and a paper target slides out from the wall at end of the room.

Basho whips back his jacket to reveal a Western Arms AMT Hardballer!

The gun bursts from its low profile holster and Basho fires once at the target.

Hanzo walks over to the target and regards the shot:

“I will make you the gun,” he says, “the Ground Zero Weekender is a month away.  I suggest you spend the time practicing.”

The Magpul PTS AEG MOE Carbine is the first AEG from the the PTS Division who are a part of the Magpul company aiming towards training and therefore of great interest to airsofters.  Their website is slick as hell and everything points towards a Gucci product.  The specifications tell us that the internals are as hot as the externals, and this is not just a basic body kit over TM parts (nothing wrong with TM of course).

The specifications are as follows:

  • Systema Ver II Turbo Gear Box and Motor Set
  • Systema BS 6.04mm Barrel (303mm).
  • Systema Hop Up pack.
  • Systema Metal Chamber Set
  • PTS Diecasting Metal Receiver
  • PTS MOE Hand Guard (Polymer)
  • PTS MOE Grip (Polymer)
  • PTS MOE Stock (Polymer)
  • PTS Modular Sling Adaptor with Sling Mount
  • PTS PMAG (Mid Cap 120 Rounds) (Polymer)
  • PTS MBUS – Rear Sight (Polymer)
  • Muzzle Velocity – 350 FPS
  • Color – Dark Earth

hattorihanzo Hattori Hanzo sits in front of the Basho examining his new product, “I’m done doing what I swore an oath to God 28 years ago to never do again. I’ve created something that laces people. And in that purpose I was a success.”

Basho watches the old gunsmith handing the new AEG and Hanzo continues,

“I can tell you with no ego, this is my finest AEG. If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will cry ‘hit!’”.

Basho takes the gun reverently from Hanzo’s hands and his eyes look at the greatest maker of AEG’s on this earth and says;


Basho looks at the finished product:

Basho Loadout

The box is nothing special compared to some out there, but it got back safe from Hong Kong with no worries.

IMG_0006 IMG_0012

The stock tube is a work of art.  No rattle of the tube itself, the stock rattles a little of course.  The action is smooth and simple.

The features of this stock:

MOE™ M4 Carbine Collapsible Butt-Stock – Military Model
Magpul® Original Equipment (MOE™) is a line of Airsoft M16/M4 accessories designed to provide a high-quality, economical alternative to standard Airsoft M16/M4 parts. The MOE™ line distinguishes itself with a simplified feature set, but maintains Magpul engineering and material quality.

The Magpul® MOE™ Stock is a drop-in replacement butt-stock for carbines using mil-spec size Airsoft receiver extension tubes. Designed for light, fast action the streamlined A-frame profile avoids snagging and shields the release latch to prevent accidental activation. The extra-power lock mechanism uses a premium chrome-silicon spring to avert auto-collapse failure and maintains strength by resisting spring relaxation. The Military Model includes a standard 0.30” rubber butt-pad which provides positive shoulder purchase to prevent slippage even with body armor or modular gear.
– Mounts on Military Carbine Receiver Extension tube (Not included) from manufacturers such as Colt, Armalite, LMT, S&W, etc.
– Premium chrome-silicon lock spring provides positive locking and long service life
– Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort
– Shielded release latch prevents snagging and accidental operation
– Side mounting slots accept optional cheek risers for NON-AR15 / M16 applications
– Compatible with Single-Point® sling mounts

IMG_0008 IMG_0011 IMG_0010

This cover doe not close, or at least neither Trip or I can get it to close.  By the looks of it the internals are blocking the body.  I don’t mind it open, but it may get damaged and let in water!  I will have to mod a solution.  As with many AEG’s, pulling back the slide reveals the hop up.  The grip is very comfortable, but standard stuff.  The selector switch is crisp for a new product.  The body itself is plastic, but has a chunky solidness to it and removes all chance of creek.  Every single angle is covered in trades, as keeping with the Gucci product

IMG_0009 IMG_0013 IMG_0019

The foregrip is a classic two part, but has no rails on it as standard.  The Uncompany rep tried to sell me a custom front end which had four rails, but that was ugly in the extreme.  I am going to get the “Drop in Rails” from the net that look like this:

magpul-037_1_mark IMG_9340 A 1028 Stick

Getting the battery container off is a real bother, it is the classic pulling back of the ring and pulling off of the plate, but it is very stiff and tricky to put back on – requiring a few tries.  Not something I will want to do in battle.

The wiring looks to be of very high quality.

I am using a 8v small battery, but the gun does say to use only a 7v.  The Uncompany guys say that the 8v is fine, but a 9v will break the piston.  Suffice to say, I will be converting to Lipoly ASAP.


The sling attachment ring at the rear is adjustable to left or right, and this is a neat little idea.


The Flash hider is a horrible orange plastic one, but no fear!  A full metal one comes with the gun.

IMG_0017 IMG_0018

The rear sight is a very nice pop model and completely adjustable.  The sight hole clips down to adjust for range.  I will be attaching a Red Dot of course.

Here is a quick vid of the rate of fire and the moving parts in action.  Not the chunky thud of a single shot.  This is a well balanced system!

The P Mag.

One P Mag comes with the gun.  Much is being made of the P Mag.  It is being heralded as the best mag you can buy.  Consider this YouTube on the subject:

IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022

Every angle is covered in trades again.  All the mags are marked as 30 rounds, but actually take 120 BB’s.

IMG_0023 IMG_0025 IMG_0030

The fit into the gun is solid as I have every seen.  No wobble or anything.

How does the gun handle in the hand?

The length of the gun is similar to that of any other M4, or LR.  Slightly longer that a commando.  The weight is very well distributed and the ergonomic fore grip aids target acquisition.  The full battle report will come later as I have no access to a safe place to test the gun live ATM.

So, that’s it for now.  I think the Magpul is a great AEG to own and something that will stand out in the field, if you can get hold of one!

I bought mine by flying to Hong Kong and going into the Uncompany shop.  This was about £2.5k.  I don’t suggest you do that!  You can order it for US$ 529.00 here (when in stock!)




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