“Lets go tubing!” This video highlights the crazy day my friends and I had while tubing the legendary Nam Song River in Vang Vieng, Laos, South East Asia in November 2008. Tubing is a misnomer really as the real activity is paddling between bars, downing masses of drink to dance music all while watching drunk girls wearing bikinis!

I had a great time that day and every now and then watch this film to reflect on it. Drunken days like this are certainly not my norm! Just before the video kicks off and we are shown in a bar is the moment that I came face to fangs with the worlds largest spider, which you read about here: http://www.outsidecontext.com/2009/11/23/bashos-5-amazing-spider-encounters/

Some notes about the film:

  • M150 is the demonspawn of Redbull and god knows what – it is banned in most countries for its effects being similar to speed
  • The video camera was wrist mounted and the same one used in many of my other videos. It is water and mud proof
  • We all had an crazy time and danced till it was dark before Tuk-Tuk’ing back to town for our tube deposits
  • The tubes are large Lorry inner tubes and prone to being uncontrollable
  • This video is dedicated to Colin who missed out on the fun due to his having been partying for 24 hour straight the day before. The quote at the front is his.
  • Once the M150 wore off we all crashed in bed for the next day

Laos is a very poor country that needs as much help as we can give it, so if you do visit Laos please pick up the “Stay another day” book that details how you can help this brilliant but struggling nation.

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