Ambush Adventures Longmoor Weekender

Here we have footage taken on my gun mounted video camera of the day’s play on the second day of this fantastic event. The first day had been 8 hours of paramilitary training, including patrols with roadside IED’s (I know I was 10 ft away from an enormous explosion of one car), jungle trails (where we successfully flanked and killed an enemy sniper hidden in the bushes) and dynamic room entry SAS style (Where the DA’s shined most brightly and won the coveted “Snatch cup” and about 2 grands worth of gear!).

The next day’s play went very well and as you can see from the footage the DA’s gave a very good account of themselves against a very highly motivated opposition. The explosions at the end of the event were of massive size. Look at them against the size of the 2 story buildings behind! We were all showered with mud!

All in all an amazing event and well worth attending. The cup-winning DA’s were interview by Airsoft International Magazine and I understand the event will be well covered by the mag, it is sponsored by both 5.11 and BlackHawk. I will update this entry if we are in any of the photos from the mag.

Until then enjoy my lacing of the opposition to the tune of Mr Coxon.

We did make the mag!