What was this?

After the massive success of last years event, Mac and Detty at Electrowerkz …very kindly given us thier site free of charge for another 8 hour Pistol and Shotgun only Charity extraveganza from 1200-2000 on SUNDAY 3rd JUNE 2007 being held at:ELECTROWERKZ….This years charity is CLIC Sargent which is a charity which helps Children living with cancer…Tickets are strictly limited, the walk on fee for this event is £30 per person….No AEG’s whatsoever, …AEP’s may be used, on single shot mode only, and the maximum ammo capacity must be no more than 50 BB’s. …Gas weapons are prefferred if you have them, spring is also OK. if you have a full auto firing gas gun, you may use it on full auto.

I was involved with this day as both a marshal and player and during my battles I carried a helmetcam and recoreded over 2 hours of footage!

I give you here two of the edited movies from those games.  First is a trailer for the entire event and this is followed with an outline of day one.

Highlights of the trailer include the teabagging of both Janno and DA1!

Highlights for this vid include my getting laced in the ear on one assault and my taking out of the entire attacking team in one monster shotgun rush.

Hope you enjoy, comments welcome.

The final total that was raised was £2500!