Amazing news!  The forums are a’buzz with the news that the ABA led by minimiman have had their request for an exemption form the VCR bill granted!

Oh day of days!

I feel like Admiral Ackbar at the end of Return of the Jedi, when he breaths out a big sigh and signals the fleet to start the party.

Details of the exemption are still coming through and are likely to included some form of registration.  Frankly, it could involved dancing naked on a pogo stick for ten minutes whilst being sprayed with high powered custard and I would still be happy.

Letter from Airsoftscotland here:

Letter from the homeoffice

Well done to all those who wrote letters, badgered their MP’s, phoned into radio shows, wrote to websites and especially to the ABA for formulating and presenting the case to the government.

An exemption for the community can only mean that the government have recognised that we are a mature and committed bunch; that we [B]deserve [/B]an exemption. We all must do everything we can to continue to portray the positive sides of this great game of ours.

This was our wake up call and has become a golden opportunity to make airsoft a truly recognised sport, to organise and spread further. I have a dream that we can use this very strong will that we have amassed to create a framework under which airsoft can flourish.

I hope that Arnies, the other forums, retailers, sites and the ABA can be leading lights in forming airsoft’s rebirth as a government acknowledged pastime of great value.

Airsoft is a beacon of hope for other minority pastimes under threat from tyrannical legislation. For if we, one of the most fractured groups, can form into a single voice that reaches into the very corridors of power, others can take heart and follow our example.

Now as the leader of the Stonecutters said, “lets all get drunk and play ping pong!”

:D <—- Basho is very happy

Start your party engines!