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Basho and Cesca


Outside Context travel writing has been featured on some of the world’s top websites. Articles have been purchased by Airlines, featured in iPhone Apps, published as questions in degree level English examinations and comments have been posted by everyone from Lonely Planet writers to US Special Forces Lieutenant Colonels!
Basho Matsuo
Basho MatsuoSite owner
Bio: Martial artist, philosopher, writer and IT expert.

Age: 37

Occupation: Traveler. Financial Crime Prevention Manager.

Interests: Debate, cooking, computer gaming, reading, writing, videoing, karate, milsim, movies, diving, skiing… (The list goes on – Basho is a philosopher and therefore into everything!)

Favourite films: Dune, Blade Runner, Violent Cop, Ghost in the Shell, Being There, Heat… too many to list!


How many ideas, moments and thoughts are lost forever? One of my greatest regrets is that I didn’t know my Grandfathers as well as I could have, but I spent hours looking at the photos of their incredible adventures and travels through the war and around the world since. I originally started Outside Context to be a “memory bank”, something my grandchildren would read when I was gone. Something in which they might find some small grains of wisdom and through that come to know me and how travelling made me feel.

Special Skill: When Basho uses his special skill the opponent finds themselves teleported to the center of a large and beautiful field. Suddenly, from all corners, will come everyone they know and love and they will be surrounded and finally realise that life isn’t all that bad really.

Cesca Bell
Cesca BellPhotographer and writer
Bio: Branding/Graphic Designer

Age: Cradle-snatcher

Occupation: Flashpacker, Full time Mum!

Interests: Basho (wink!)

Creativity: visual communication, photography, calligraphy, art, architecture
Humanity: people, culture, learning, volunteering, enlightenment
Activity: watersports, skydiving, paragliding, skiing, tramping

Favourite medium: Creations that enliven the senses. Simple beauty. Anything that involves your hands.


The meeting of contrasting elements;
East meets West, Wood and Metal, Art and Science, Religion versus Evolution, Rich alongside Poor.

Writing is something new to me and a wonderful creative outlet in a different way to what I’m used to.
I’ve discovered a great deal of enjoyment in verbalising my visual and emotional understanding.

“A picture can speak a thousand words”, but it cannot convey smell, sound, taste, touch, temperature or feelings or deeper understanding of the photographer.
Special Skill: Empathy. Awareness. Understanding. Visual comprehension. A great awareness of others. To take people as they are. Putting people at ease. Feeling that I’ve known someone forever.