Professional Philosophy is over 3000 years old, but amateur Philosophy is as old as time. I fell in love with the subject at high school and soon headed out to University to dedicate myself to studying it in depth. That is a decision I have never regretted as my University years were a time of great learning and exploring the hundreds of books on this subject. I coined the following quote about the meaning of Philosophy:

Philosophy is not about having all the answers, it is about having a better understanding of the questions.

Analysis, rational thought and that ability to step back and ask “why?”. These are all skills the modern world is in dire need of. It is where we often find that we do things and really we don’t even know why we do them. It is here that we discuss and debate, here that ideas are thrown in the crucible and melted down to core concepts, steeled and ready to be beaten into the new.

Chan Buddhism, Daoism and Zen – Journey through the East

Writing an article about Zen is almost a contradiction in terms. That is unless I simply leave the rest of it blank…

Just a finger, […]

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On the nature of art, a definition

"Art is that human endeavour which illuminates the contiguous nature of reality. Momentarily breaking us free from our illusion that the Universe has a dual nature." Writes Basho. Find out why...

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Announcing: is now open

Dear all,

Announcing the opening of a new Basho website!
I have been writing reviews of books on this site for something like 5 years, also […]

Stephen Hawking – “The Grand Design” book review by Basho

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A Sudden Dawn: Book Review

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What is Daoism/Taoism?

Before we start I should add a caveat to this article: I am a philosopher and a Daoist.  As such, I suppose, I am […]

What is consciousness? Is it the “self”? Is it “me”? Basho argues no!

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The Harsh Judge

For most martial artists, being mugged in broad daylight is an unlikely occurrence. Fit, aware and confident looking people do not make inviting targets. However, […]

Is the Insanity Defence Itself Insane?

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Life Stories 1 : I had a hamster

My hamster teaches me a valuable life lesson...


My answer to this question posted on Yedda,

Do we have a freewill?
Do you think mankind has a freewill? Is everything predefined or do […]