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Losing Control, Releasing Nature – The Directors Cut!

In the last of my series of films re-examining my output over the last 10 years, I present the definitive [...]

Film commission – Advert for

Basho Films is proud to present a film commission for; a new milsim company setting up in the UK. I [...]

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation Payback Milsim – full film

This is milsim roleplaying at its very finest. No actors, no retakes, everything happens live once the game is on! This incredibly well played event showcased some of the highest quality effects ever used in milsim. Including RPG attacks, EOD detonations, explosive entries and more.

50 Shades of Uluru

Come see the ever changing colours of Uluru in all its unbelievably rich and mesmerising splendor at sunset. Followed by the next morning as the sun rises and the colours grow as the sun bathes the rock faces in light.

Wudang Mountain – Climbing the Dao in China

A journey to Wudang Mountain; the small mountain range in the northwestern part of Hubei, China, just south of Shiyan. [...]

New Zealand – Country of Contrasts (Special Edition)

After watching LOTR for the first time I started a long journey of the heart. The first steps were the [...]

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation PAYBACK – Download Now

This incredibly well played event showcased some of the highest quality effects ever used in milsim. Including RPG attacks, EOD detonations, explosive entry and more. All captured in the 20 minute film from Outside Context. If you have any interest in milsim then this is a must watch!

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation DEADLIGHT Promo

This Tier 1 event included elements of a Tier 1 Sub Op and involved two live kidnaps of players obtaining their Tier 1 Team Badges. Some fantastic action, strong story and roleplay. Basho is proud to present some of the finest milsim on the planet.

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation SANDSTORM DVD release

I know I know, its a year late... but, finally my film of Tier 1 Military Simulation's Operation Sandstorm is complete and [...]

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation ORCHID DAWN promo

New release! Just fresh off the render machine is our latest production for Tier 1; Operation Orchid Dawn. In aid [...]

China’s National Treasures – Pandas and the Terracotta Warriors

Everyone loves Pandas and at the Panda Conservation Centre near Chengdu, China is probably the best place to see them [...]

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation SANDSTORM Writeup

"But I didn't want to raise the alarm" "Why not?" I asked "Well," said the man, uncertainty creeping into his [...]

Tier 1 Military Simulation – JAWBREAKER and BLACKHEART DVD release

Shot entirely on location at CopeHill Down. The main feature is 37 minutes of the best milsim ever undertaken in the UK! I had an inside track on the “serial” events, a first person perspective on the role play and took part in all the big actions – including the capture of the objective for the US team. All cut together with music and professionally coloured, this is a great film of how deep milsim can go.

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation JAWBREAKER writeup

I have played many and been to many events where the organisers said they had reached the perfect balance point between real military exercises and a simple skirmish. I realise now that they either made the game too boring or little more than a skirmish with complex medic rules; milsim for the Xbox generation. In Operation Jawbreaker, Tier 1 also strived for that perfect balance themselves and in the most important respects I think that they came damn close to achieving it.

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation BLACKHEART promo

This is a dual editor collaboration. The DVD will contain 2 x 30 minute renders of the footage from the game (one by me and one by Chris). We had filmmakers following both teams, capturing all the briefings, the serial events and all the action in the best FPS Basho tradition - quite a package!

Hong Kong City Blues – Special Edition

This is a “Special Edition” of my Hong Kong at night film. The beautiful skyline of Hong Kong at night! Come with us through the brightly lit, and empty of people, Business District and then over the river to Kowloon Bay to look back. The buildings all come to life with colours and lights embedded in their structure that forms a fantastic light show. Finally we visit the vibrant and busy center of town and see some of the amazing flashing neon screens and lights around the streets thronged with people. Hong Kong is one of the cities that inspired the look of the film Blade Runner and so I have set the film to the score- hope you like it! […]

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Tier 1 – Year 1

This film is a compilation of clips and unseen footage from the games I attended run by Tier 1 Military Simulation. Before 2011 I had not played much milsim, now... well I recently laid in a puddle from 1am, freezing cold and surrounded by poisonous mushrooms, for 8 hours to spring an ambush! I fell asleep and started snoring. Moments later I was awoken by a wet weight crashing down on my back. Team commander Trip had thrown a log at me, missed, hit a tree and it had collapsed a rotten limb across my sprawled form. Had the opposition walked past at that particular moment then they would have heard the rest of the concealed team completely failing to stop laughing.

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Helicopter Ops at ROLLING THUNDER

Here is a quick cut, colour and render of the Helicopter Assault during Tier One's Rolling Thunder Milsim event. I [...]

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation BLADERUNNER

My first ever commissioned film was released today and stands as a landmark for Basho films. I have learned more [...]

Tier 1 Military Simulation – Operation SNAKEBITE

I have often remarked that the challenge of making an airsoft film - when you are also playing in the [...]

Ground Zero Weekender 2010 – The DA Team

It was when I was sitting in the steam room at Virgin Active with 20 sweaty men all dressed in the same set of bright beach shorts, and making jokes about their penises, that something struck me as odd, “This has to be,” I announced into the cloud of steam, which was being jetted into the room at an alarming rate and temperature, “the most surreal Ground Zero Weekender I have ever been to.”

Sennybridge, a Basho film about “The Chernarus Conflict”

To those of you who play computer games, the country of Chernarus may ring a few bells. As anyone who loves the Arma series of games from Bohemia Interactive will tell you Chernarus, or Black Russia, is a fictional post-USSR country somewhere in the East that is used as the main game location. TA Events have licensed the entire storyline from Bohemia meaning that players at the event could sign up to the various factions found in the series. When someone says that you should get out from behind the keyboard and get some exercise, these events enable you to re live the brilliant, in-depth storyline for (almost) real. A detailed account of the factions and background to the event can be found here and it has a very professional depth to it not usually available to airsofters.

Wudang Mountain: A Basho Film

In 2009 Cesca and I visited the amazing slopes of Wudang Mountain. The mountain is located roughly in northwestern part [...]

Operation Zulu

The DA’s have played some unusual games over the years, but this was a first for us: this was the first time that we were asked to be a scripted opposition. The idea has a lot of merit if you think about it. Firstly, games often ebb and flow randomly. One side may gain the upper hand in an attack, but they loose too many men to reinforce the position and soon are driven back and it is the other team who are then on the offensive. Similar to a game of football. However, sometimes a team simply hammers all opposition to such an extent that the suffering team cannot fulfil their objectives at all. Sometimes they cannot get out of their safe zone. The game suddenly becomes unbalanced, tempers raise, cries of cheating go up and no fun is had at all. Well, at least none by the team getting a kicking.

Band of Delta-Alpha : A Basho Film

The Ground Zero Weekender is the biggest yearly event on the UK Airsoft calendar.

Varanasi City of Gods – Special Edition

How does it make one feel to be in one of the most “holy” cities in the world?

Hong Kong City Blues : A Basho Film

The magical night skyline of Hong Kong

Temples of Angkor : A Basho Film

After spending 3 days over Xmas 2008 in Siem Reap, and recording over 2 hours of footage of our exploration of these amazing structures, I couldn't help but make a short film to celebrate them.

Tracking the Predator : A Basho Film

Get up close with a wild Tiger!

Lets go tubing! A Basho Film

"Lets go tubing!" This video highlights the crazy day my friends and I had while tubing the legendary Mekong river in Vang Veng, Laos, South East Asia in November 2008.

James and Cesca’s Xmas message!

Happy Christmas everyone! Here is a short film of Cesca and I giving all our Christmas greetings from sunny Cambodia! [...]

New Zealand : A Basho Film

A short (10 minute) film highlighting New Zealand. Includes whales in Kaikoura, Fjords, Glaciers by Helicopter, The far north, the Volcanic heart, the sounds and a trip through the forests of this magical country!

Fear is the mind killer

Cesca skydives 15,000ft and Basho jumps the 134m highwire Nevis bungy!

A Basho Film : Australia

A short fun film highlighting our trip to Australia, showing some of the fantastic things we saw in this wonderful [...]

A Basho Film: Colours of Uluru

Welcome, Here is the latest short film for your enjoyment.  This one shows our amazing time at Uluru over sunset [...]

A Basho Film: Australia Zoo!

The latest Basho film: our visit to Australia Zoo! Enjoy, Basho

A Basho Film: Blue Hunter

Here is the next in the line of Basho Films. I am working hard on the next one and have [...]

A Basho Film: Sydney Harbour!

Thanks for all the fantastic feedback on the last Basho Film!  Here is the latest, I present Sydney Harbour! There [...]

A Basho Film: San Francisco!

I finally found enough bandwidth to upload my first travel film; San Francisco! I hope you like it and all [...]

Longmoor November 2007

The DA airsoft team attend the Longmoor weekender and win the Snatch Cup!

Ground Zero National Airsoft Game 2007

The state of the badd'ass art! On the september bank holiday weekend, the DA's went to the National Airsoft Event hosted at Ground Zero. I made a movie of the event that shows how much great fun we all had!