50 Shades of Uluru

Come see the ever-changing colours of Uluru in all its unbelievably rich and mesmerising splendor at sunset. Followed by the next morning as the sun rises and the colours grow as the sun bathes the rock faces in light.

The Uluru base walk is amazing, giving you a real understanding of the size, shaped and spirituality of this place. Uluru itself is made of beautifully shaped molten lava flows and, like an iceberg, most is hidden underground. Aboriginal stories of the Rainbow serpent, ceremonial traditions, man’s and woman’s business and education are illustrated along the way.

For this film I have re-cut the transitions and re-coloured as well as rendering in glorious High Definition.


About the Author:

Bio: Philosopher, filmmaker, writer and AI expert. Occupation: Head of AI for a large corporation. Interests: Watches, debate, cooking, computer-gaming, reading, writing, videoing, martial arts, air­soft, movies, diving, skiing… (The list goes on — Basho is a philosopher and therefore into everything!)