Dear all,

Announcing the opening of a new Basho website!

I have been writing reviews of books on this site for something like 5 years, also I have – as I am sure you know – a passion for Eastern Philosophy. Finally I can bring them all together!

Buddha Books is an editorial review website specialising in books on Daoism, Buddhism, Philosophy and other Eastern Religions in both book form and also audiobooks.

Here is the deal:

  • I will be posting a couple of new reviews per week.
  • All the reviews will be of books I own and have paid money for (I have a simply enormous collection).
  • They will all take into account my knowledge (degree in Philosophy), views (one who has travelled the East) and beliefs (Daoist) and those of Cesca.
  • Every review will contain a link to somewhere where you can buy the book.
  • 50% of all the referral commissions will be donated to the The New Cambodian Children’s Life Association (NCCLA), which is a charity set-up for orphaned Cambodian children.

Also – after the great success of Cesca’s Photo exhibition, we will be offering prints of her collection for sale in a variety of sizes and frames all set to be posted straight to you. Bonus!

I invite you all to take a look and let me know what you think. The site is new – as is the theme – so there will be changes in the coming weeks as well as a large amount of new entries. My hope is that some serious discussion can be had over the books. If you disagree with a review – don’t hesitate to post up a comment.



P.S. This does not effect this site. OC will continue on a dual monthly posting rate until the new year where it will then go back to weekly (I am working on a Diploma in Preventing Financial Crime at the moment)