Fear is the mind killer

Here it is, the big one!  In this latest film Basho and Cesca face their fears! Cesca skydives 15,000ft and Basho jumps the 134m highwire Nevis bungy! 

See both events from multiple angles including a wrist camera (the Bashocam! put into new service!) and set to a combination of Wings and U2.

The excellent wrist camera used by both jumpers is the OREGON Outdoor ATC 2K Digital Camera

Total running time is about 10 minutes

Hope you enjoy and, please, leave a comment!



About the Author:

Bio: Philosopher, filmmaker, writer and AI expert. Occupation: Head of AI for a large corporation. Interests: Watches, debate, cooking, computer-gaming, reading, writing, videoing, martial arts, air­soft, movies, diving, skiing… (The list goes on — Basho is a philosopher and therefore into everything!)